Programs & Camps

Center for Development


Center for Development: This is open for players in SCP and players in the Development Squad. Practice will be held by the Director of Coaching/Coaching Staff focusing on increasing fundamentals soccer skills and principles through repetition and progressive coaching. Players will be encouraged by coaches to attend these sessions.

Center for Excellence

Center for Excellence: This is an invitation only practice for players in SCP who are showing advanced skills and motivation to learn. Practice will be held by the Director of Coaching/Coaching Staff focusing on advanced soccer skills and principles. 


Center for Goalkeeping


Center for Goalkeeping: Goalkeeping will be taught in phases.  Each phase will contain a set of skills specific to the position and will be taught in building blocks, meaning a young goalkeeper must acquire the skills provided in a phase before going on to the next phase.  There are 5 phases of training. Many young GKs ‘will not reach level 5 their first or even their second year but with this plan in place we have designed a program that will allow GK to develop by a continuous process.  

For a GK to move on to the next phase and attend a higher level training, the GK must show their ability to perform the assigned skills in their present phase.  Each GK will be given a list of skills/drills for which they must master at the start of each phase. The importance of training on their own cannot be overemphasized as these skills need to be repeated in order for the GK to learn the movements.   

The purpose of this format is to allow young goalkeepers to work at their own pace.  A GK that is motivated and trains on their own time could progress at a higher rate than a GK that is not or a player just testing the position out.

Phase 1

    • Footwork
    • Basic catching
    • Forward dive
    • Starting position
    • Collapsing dive
    • Hand speed drills

Phase 2

    • Advanced Footwork
    • Advanced catching
    • Balls in the air technique
    • Hand speed drills

Phase 3

    • Angle play
    • 1 v 1 play
    • Advanced forward dive
    • Advanced footwork
    • Continuation of the above

Phase 4

    • Reading of the game
    • Distribution
    • Continuation of the above

Phase 5

    • Power dive
    • Deflecting
    • Reading of the game
    • Continuation of the above

College Pathway Program

College Pathway Program: Sonoma County Premier is committed to giving clear pathways to each player regardless of their reason for playing soccer. Whether your goal is to play high school, college or just to play to be part of our soccer community we have to determination to help you succeed. We have created a clear path technically and tactically to help you achieve your soccer goals and have coaches and administrators who will guide you through the college recruitment and application process. 


Camps and Clinics


Camps and Clinics: Sonoma County Premier is proud to offer community based camps and clinics for players who are just beginning on their soccer journey or are interested in learning more and getting high level coaching.

Summer Camps: Sonoma County Premier offers recreation camps through the Town of Windsor and City of Healdsburg. SCP camps are currently on hold due to Covid-19. Check back for updates.

Development Squad

Development Squad: Interested in practicing with a team to increase skills and learn more about becoming a competitive soccer player? Sonoma County Premier offers the Development Squad program which includes one team practice and development center practice. SCP coaches will continually evaluate players in this program with the goal of adding players to the team. For monthly fee contact the club


Financial Assistance Program


Financial Assistance Program:  Sonoma County Premier is committed to offering financial assistance to those in need so everyone has an opportunity to play soccer.  Financial assistance is distributed on a need basis to those who apply.